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Every person that has ever served in the military knows the importance of their boots. They are the link to safety, success and literally survival. Without them you are vulnerable to health issues that could make your survival almost impossible. The actual jungle boots that are depicted in this original painting were worn by a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. “Doc CD” served with the third Marine division in the northern most part of I corps in 1969. These particular boots worn by this combat medic walked through history and endured and survived the Vietnam War.

Note the dog tags with the noise reducing tape still applied. The boots in this painting symbolize and honor all of the veterans that served in Vietnam and of those who serve us now.  The three red roses “Welcome Home” all veterans with love, respect and honor.



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This painting was painted by actually observing the original jacket worn by an Air Force enlisted man who served in Vietnam from 1964-1965. I changed the over-the-pocket name tag to read VALOR to represent all of the military that wore such a shirt. VALOR means the boldness or determination in facing danger.

At some time, all servicemen have faced some form of danger and some more than others–all gave some, some gave all. Each soldier is a very special link creating a common goal for Freedom. The purple color of the rose placed in the pocket over the heart represents the Purple Heart medal. The rose symbolizes those who served as individuals of honorable distinction.

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